Friday, December 26, 2008


We had a great Christmas this year. It feels good to have everyone home, and no place to go for a couple of days. Even though the kids are older, we still have to get up at 6 for the grand hoorah. They were good enough though to go out early and do the chores first. Kesiah and Joseph both got bikes (joseph's is a trike), and since we have snow, they ride them in the house. We have had a great time just relaxing, and enjoying each other. We got a disney jigsaw puzzle, and we enjoy working on it by the fire.
We are now however experiencing a bout of pink eye. Aaron, Kesiah and Joseph have that. Now if we can just clear it up soon, all will be well.

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taradon said...

Love the pictures! I'm glad you guys had such a nice Christmas, and I hope that the pinkeye is over with soon!