Thursday, November 5, 2009


Ok, so anyone who knows me knows how I feel about Fall. There are no words to express how much I love this season. To me it is the ultimate, all around perfect season. The colors, the coolness after a blistering summer, the smells, carving pumpkins, hay rides, jackets, apple cider, hot chocolate, just the glory of it all. (plus my birthday is thrown in there too.) I remember when I was young, I would go stand outside and see how many leaves I could catch as they came flying down from the trees. Then we would gather a whole bunch, rake them up and jump in them. My dad would always let me bury him in the leaves. Then we would take some pretty ones, and make placemats with wax paper and crayon chips. Soo fun.
I have been carrying on these traditions with my kids for years, and this year, my kids are sharing these traditions with others. Jacoy is a nanny for 3 little girls in North Dakota, and she is teaching these girls all these traditions. It is so fun to see these fun things continue on through the generations. It is truly hard to beat this season.

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taradon said...

So many happy memories in that post! Nice to see you blogging again. :)