Friday, May 21, 2010

well, how come I forget to write on here, I will never know. I have 2 blogs now, one for the family, and one for my HCG journey. It is hard to remember both, and lately, I have forgotten both. I will try to do better starting today.

we have had a fun couple of weeks. Last weekend, J'rel and Jacoy came home to celebrate both of their birthdays. We planted the garden and the we had a marathon game of Monopoly, Disney version, which Jacoy totally dominated. It was fun. We had a great meal for both of them, and I even made 2 seperate cakes. Then we watched movies. Good times. I enjoy having the whole family together. It's nice. Just like old times.

Ammon finished up drivers Ed., and will be getting his drivers liscence to day. I don't know whether to be excited for him, or sad that he is that old. I am excited for him. Now I won't have to cart him everywhere he needs to be. He can get there himself.

I can't believe that school is out on Tuesday. Where did the school year go? I can't believe it. as I get older, the time seems to go so much faster. I love life. It's great, just goes to fast.

Friday, May 7, 2010

umm, starting again....promise

so here is it...what, 7 months since the last post. I know. I have heard this is addictive, but honestly, it is so hard to remember to do this regularly. I will try again. I have started a different blog, about my HCG journey, and so as I am on there, I will be on here too.

The family has been doing well. we had a great thanksgiving in Idaho, and a wonderful Christmas at home, and then went to Toquerville for just after Christmas.

In March, Aaron was playing church ball, and ripped his Achilles tendon. He had surgery on it, and here it is May, and he is still in a boot. we will be glad when he recovers fully. It has been a long road.

Jacoy came home from being a nanny and is living with J'rel in Cedar City. They are having fun being together.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Ok, so anyone who knows me knows how I feel about Fall. There are no words to express how much I love this season. To me it is the ultimate, all around perfect season. The colors, the coolness after a blistering summer, the smells, carving pumpkins, hay rides, jackets, apple cider, hot chocolate, just the glory of it all. (plus my birthday is thrown in there too.) I remember when I was young, I would go stand outside and see how many leaves I could catch as they came flying down from the trees. Then we would gather a whole bunch, rake them up and jump in them. My dad would always let me bury him in the leaves. Then we would take some pretty ones, and make placemats with wax paper and crayon chips. Soo fun.
I have been carrying on these traditions with my kids for years, and this year, my kids are sharing these traditions with others. Jacoy is a nanny for 3 little girls in North Dakota, and she is teaching these girls all these traditions. It is so fun to see these fun things continue on through the generations. It is truly hard to beat this season.

Friday, December 26, 2008


We had a great Christmas this year. It feels good to have everyone home, and no place to go for a couple of days. Even though the kids are older, we still have to get up at 6 for the grand hoorah. They were good enough though to go out early and do the chores first. Kesiah and Joseph both got bikes (joseph's is a trike), and since we have snow, they ride them in the house. We have had a great time just relaxing, and enjoying each other. We got a disney jigsaw puzzle, and we enjoy working on it by the fire.
We are now however experiencing a bout of pink eye. Aaron, Kesiah and Joseph have that. Now if we can just clear it up soon, all will be well.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh My!

So I was so proud of myself yesterday. I had to have a pie made for Young Womens last night, so I got an eggnog cheesecake whipped up early in the day. I went out the back door to put it in the fridge in the garage. I didn't however realize that the steps were covered in ice. Needless to say, I went flying, feet straight up, and the pie went down, all over the sidewalk. I am fine, just a sprained sacrum, but I have learned the lesson of watching what I am doing. I did have to go and buy a pie since mine was all over the ground. (would have been a great pie).

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Everybody's doing it!

I always hear of people having blog pages, and some of my family and friends have them, and I love to read them, so I decided to start one for our family.

We are in my favorite time of year. I love September through December. I have so much to be grateful for, and I have definitely been in that frame of mind this last couple of weeks.

First, I am so grateful for my husband and children. I learn so much from them each day.

I realize now how much I am grateful to have kids at home. J'Rel left home for college this year, and I am feeling the empty spot. We miss her.

I am grateful to live in Utah, closer to family. It is so nice to be able to get to families places in just a couple or few hours. I love that. and I love living close to the mountains.

I am also grateful for my health. When I get sick or get hurt, I really appreciate my health when I get it back.

On this day,however, I am grateful for Christmas! I love the decorations and lights, and it makes me feel like a kid again!!