Friday, May 21, 2010

well, how come I forget to write on here, I will never know. I have 2 blogs now, one for the family, and one for my HCG journey. It is hard to remember both, and lately, I have forgotten both. I will try to do better starting today.

we have had a fun couple of weeks. Last weekend, J'rel and Jacoy came home to celebrate both of their birthdays. We planted the garden and the we had a marathon game of Monopoly, Disney version, which Jacoy totally dominated. It was fun. We had a great meal for both of them, and I even made 2 seperate cakes. Then we watched movies. Good times. I enjoy having the whole family together. It's nice. Just like old times.

Ammon finished up drivers Ed., and will be getting his drivers liscence to day. I don't know whether to be excited for him, or sad that he is that old. I am excited for him. Now I won't have to cart him everywhere he needs to be. He can get there himself.

I can't believe that school is out on Tuesday. Where did the school year go? I can't believe it. as I get older, the time seems to go so much faster. I love life. It's great, just goes to fast.

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taradon said...

Sounds like a fun family time!